February 2014 update

Despite the extended lack of updates here, it has been busy.

November saw the end of my days poring over the microfilm reader at the local library – December comprised mainly of proof-reading, editing  out parts that just wouldn’t fit unless I wanted to produce a 500 page document, and searching for [and finding!] the author of the poem that I want to use at the beginning of this book.

I’m delighted to say that Kenny Martin has very generously given me permission to use his brilliant poem, ‘I went to see the soldiers.’  Thank you for that, Kenny, it means a lot to me.

Behind the scenes my wonderful tech support has bean busy prepping everything for print, and all being well, we should be publishing in late spring Watch out for more updates soon.P1020410

What it’s all about

As the centenary of the First World War approaches, many ways of commemorating and remembering are being planned.

In October 2012 David Cameron announced that every state secondary school child will be taught about soldiers who served in the war and have the chance to see the graves of those who died in Belgium and France

“I know there will be some who wonder whether we should be making such a priority of these commemorations when money is tight and there is no-one left from the generation that fought in the Great War,” he said.”Our duty with these commemorations is clear. To honour those who served. To remember those who died. And to ensure that the lessons learnt live with us for ever.”

The Imperial War Museum have some wonderful resources, including podcasts and Lives of the First World War project

The Royal British Legion have announced their Centenary  Poppy Appeal

The Old Contemptibles invite us to take the Poppy Pledge and turn Britain red to mark the centenary

The History Press have recently launched their publications

There will be innumerable books published by experienced and novice authors. This is where my little bit comes in.  By the time the commemorations begin, I hope to have published my personal contribution, ‘Doing Our Bit’  Looking at how our small North Yorkshire town experienced life during the First World War.